Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Hikes

Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Hikes

You don’t need to be a White Walker in order to hike in the winter. Better yet, you probably don’t need to concern yourself about encountering a White Walker while hiking the Rockies. That being said, here’s a list of the best winter hikes in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The order in which the list is presented does not necessarily reflect how each hike compares to the others. As you might know, the selection of these hikes is based on subjective impressions and you are always free to challenge them in the comments section.

Yellowstone in Winter-A Hot Short Guide

Yellowstone in Winter-A Hot Short Guide

For many, good weather for outdoor exploration means summer temperatures and a clear sky. Not surprisingly, people are more likely to visit national parks during the summer. This actually makes sense in several ways. For instance, many hiking trails are closed during winter and access to must-see remote locations tends to be difficult, if at all possible. That being said, those who are in the mood for visiting Yellowstone National Park ASAP should not be frustrated in the winter but excited to know Yellowstone is open for tourists all year long.

Meet the Caribou-the North American Reindeer

Meet the Caribou-the North American Reindeer

Some say that you learn something new every day. Today you can learn about the North American caribou, the larger and undomesticated version of the reindeer. Let’s find out the southernmost places in North America where you can spot caribou, why Rudolph may be a female, and how you can help North American reindeer to cope with environmental changes.

Yes, Hiking Will Help You Lose Weight

Yes, Hiking Will Help You Lose Weight

Hiking for weight loss means combining business with pleasure, at least for hikers. In a previous article, we have discussed the health benefits of hiking in generic terms. I did not mentioned that hiking can be one of the best ways to lose weight if you don’t like physical exercises. While I do assume many people have already thought that hiking for weight loss can work, I believe that reading information that confirms such thoughts will motivate you to put these assumptions to test.

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Taggart Lake
The Rockies have some of the world’s famous national parks. Whether it is for their geography, history, or ecology, the Rockies are a source of knowledge and fun.

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From international ski resorts to relatively unknown and uncrowded resorts, there’s something in the Rockies for every skier, snowboarder or mountain enthusiast.

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