Welcome to Trekking Days. Here you can find information and resources that can help you learn more about some fractions of the world and even to plan your next trekking adventure. Whether you are a travel enthusiast, dedicated hiker, skier, or addicted to information, Trekking Days might be your thing.

What Can You Do Here?

Find a HotSpot to explore. You can have fun by reading about places, virtually exploring them through images and maps, or plan your trip by making reservations according to your needs-including for lodging, flights, and cars.

Learn new things about trekking, geography, wildlife, and other stuff from the Oracle. As you might see, there’s always more to say about grizzly bears and there’s certainly a lot to say about Seychelles.

Search for the latest trekking gear in Gear Explorer. Do you know how to pick a travel camera or about the water filtration technology that allows you to drink water from the river?

Learn how to explore the world with Trekking Savvy. Perhaps it’s time you learn how to make a campfire or how to protect the environment while trekking.

Find national parks. You can entertain yourself by reading about them, exploring locations with images and maps, or planning your trip while booking what you need-with lodging, flights, and cars being the available options.

Find ski resorts. You can get wowy by reading about famous resorts, search for the best ski runs based on variables such as percent slope or width and plan your trip while making reservations for lodging, flights, and cars. Vacation packages are available for selected ski resorts.

Where Do We Look?

Currently, we cover locations from Earth. We are considering including locations from other planets as soon as space tourism becomes more feasible.

What Is Trekking?

Backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, and trekking are words that have become quite popular in the last decades and are sometimes used interchangeably, even though they have slightly different meanings. While backpacking usually refers to long travels that don’t require much money and often involve the use of public transportation, hiking can simply mean a one-day long walk in nature. Hiking, mountaineering, and trekking normally refer to activities that include walking on foot for the purpose of exploring a natural environment, be it full of trees and flowers, muddy, or rocky. While mountaineering is by definition an activity that involves exploring mountainous areas, hiking and trekking can take place in other environments as well.

Trekking is similar to hiking but not necessarily the same thing. Many use the term trekking to describe long journeys on uncharted paths while they reserve the term hiking for journeys on pre-charted paths. However, trekking does not necessarily takes place on foot, which makes things even more confusing.

While we may not establish a standard definition of trekking, we will use trekking in reference to any activity that involves exploring environments that have been little modified by humans, if at all. With this broader definition, we may consider activities such as backpacking, mountaineering, or hiking as included within a trekking experience.


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