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Sunshine Village

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SunA Bright Village Resort

Sunshine Village is located on the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies, within the Banff National Park (Alberta) and Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park (British Columbia). The resort is near the town of Banff (Alberta).

Main Features

Sunshine Village can be accessed through a high-speed gondola that has a capacity of 8 persons. One thing many people who get there love is the extended ski season and the abundance of snow. The season starts in November and ends in May with a festivity known as the Slush Cup. A long season comes with a lot of snow-about 30 ft (9 m) per year. The Slush Cup is quite weird but maybe also fun: it involves dressed people who hump onto a pool of water that is about 8 ft (2.5m) deep! The reason for which they do not remove their clothes currently remains unclear.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skier (or not a skier at all), Sunshine Village is cool for you. The resort includes terrains that are appropriate for all levels of ski and snowboarding. That being said, some areas are at a high risk of avalanches, so don’t try to ski in backcountry areas without an avalanche rescue equipment. The high-risk zones are Delirium Dive and Wild West-freeride zones where access is limited by a gate and is only allowed if proper equipment is available.

Hiking & Camping in Sunshine Village

The best places to hike in the area are in Sunshine Meadows. Access to this area is possible through gondola or by hiking for a few miles from Sunshine Village. For more information check here.

For detailed information regarding ski/snowboard lessons, rental locations, dining, access, and other relevant information, visit Banff Sunshine Village website here.



Use Google Maps to find any address. Street View or photos available for key locations.

Find trails and lifts at Sunshine Village with FatMap. Select Ski touring or Freeride and compare trails in terms of slope aspect and steepness.

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