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Deer Valley Resort

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Not Necessarily for Deer


Deer Valley Resort is located in the Wasatch Range, at 1.5. miles (2.4 km) from downtown Park City and at 36 miles (58 km) from Salt Lake City (Utah). Particularly known for features such as high-end boutique shopping services, free ski valets, and free parking shuttles, the resort is successfully challenging competition on a consistent basis. The resort has been strongly praised for its grooming, lodging, services, and kid friendliness.

The Wasatch RangeThe Wasatch Range

It may be worth mentioning that Deer Valley hosted the aerial & alpine slalom, and the freestyle moguls during the 2002 Winter Olympics. The resort also hosted the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championship in 2003 and 2011. In fact, Deer Valley has so many “big” competitions that you might end up seeing one the next time you decide to go (if you do).

Deer’s reputation as a top American sky resort is not solely based on its high-end facilities and a strong history of competition hosting. In 2017, SKI magazine did the favor of ranking Deer Valley as the number one ski resort following a survey. This hasn’t only happened in 2017, as the resort has constantly been placed in the top three ski resorts in the U.S., having been ranked as number 1 for five consecutive years (2007-2011).

Park CityPark City in the summer


Main Features


Let’s start with food. According to the Zagat Restaurant Guide, Deer Valley has the best restaurant in all Utah, namely Mariposa at Silver Lake. The resort also has an uphill lift capacity of 50,470 skiers per hour-which takes the form of 4-passenger gondola and 21 chairlifts. One feature of Deer Valley that you might like in general and might not like on specific occasions is the policy of only selling 7,500 tickets per day. With this measure, overcrowding is reduced, which feels nice when waiting in line to take a lift; on the other hand, there may be occasions when you will regret not having bought the ticket on time.

One thing about Deer Resort that many don’t like is its snowboarding prohibition policy. Deer Valley is actually one of the last three ski resorts in the United States (the others being Alta and Mad River Glen) that don’t allow snowboarding. One of the most prominent opposers of this policy, Jake Burton (the chairman of Burton Snowboards, a snowboard manufacturer) has even offered to pay $5,000 to those who make films of riders snowboarding in any of these resorts. Whether this policy is fair or not is something that some skiers and snowboarders would probably enjoy debating. Some skiers claim that snowboarders scrape the snow off the mountain and/or are even putting skiers at a higher risk of accidents. Most snowboarders likely believe those skiers are drama queens.


Hiking & Camping in Deer Valley


Deer Valley offers several hiking opportunities. For more information check here.


Make Your Day


For detailed information regarding ski/snowboard lessons, rental locations, dining, access, and other relevant information, check here.

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