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Is Sony A7 III the Best Travel Mirrorless Camera?

by | Trekking Savvy

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Is Sony a7 III the best mirrorless camera for travel? Oh, who knows. But it’s certainly one of the best full-frame mirrorless outdoor cameras. While DSLR cameras offer more lenses, and accessories, and tend to handle low light better, mirrorless cameras are lighter and better for videos. For those who do not want to take the burden of carrying a DSLR camera while trekking, the Sony a7 III is one of the mirrorless devices that can be considered a very good backpacking camera.

It has often been said that Sony a7 III is particularly suited for those who are interested in landscape and nature photography. In other words, unless you are a professional that is looking for particular features that you believe are necessary to make the best nature and landscape pictures, it is very likely that you will be highly satisfied with this camera’s features, including its 24.2-megapixel sensor.

What I like about it:

• 14-stop dynamic range

• 10fps burst shooting

• Uncropped 4k video

• The performance of the electronic shutter

What I don’t like:

• Fairly limited touchscreen control

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While the 24.2-megapixel sensor is significantly less appealing than what you can get with other high-end cameras such as Canon 5DS R in terms of resolution, it can still meet the needs of most trekkers that want to capture scenic views.

You will probably find the 10fps capture rate very satisfying, as well as the ISO range of 100-51200 and the dynamic range of 14 bits.  The 14 stops of dynamic range are well-suited for high-contrast scenes, which should be very helpful with many landscape pictures.

Sony a7 III offers some of the best dynamic ranges in the class and can make a serious case against the use of a DSLR. The performance of the electronic shutter is modest, as distortions can occur when shooting fast-moving objects.

Sony a7 III is also a fairly good camera for taking videos. The camera provides full-frame, non-pixel-binned 4K videos and can record at 100 Mbps. The EVF can be challenging, as determining critical focus on it without zooming into a subject is not particularly easy. Perhaps you are up for a challenge.

In One Sentence…

If you are looking for a mirrorless travel camera that will give you pictures similar in quality to some of the best DSRL cameras and that makes even better videos than most DSRLs, Sony a7 III might be your thing. 


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